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I want you to know that people change, is a timeline created with photographs and transcribed stories from Jamel Bellamy, a man who is currently serving a prison sentence of 62 and a half years to life. The timeline spans Jamel's life - from the day he was born in 1962 through his earliest possible release date in 2048 when he will be 85 years old. The piece is a collaboration between Jamel Bellamy and Nikki Zeichner and was created specifically for Rendered Visible, a curated exhibit of works by seven artists addressing the topic of American incarceration and the justice system.


Rendered Visible was installed at the Arcade Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri from October 8 through 28th, 2016. At the time of this show, Jamel was months away from becoming eligible to apply for clemency (through which the New York State Governor could exercise discretion to grant him an earlier release). Without clemency or sentencing reform, Jamel will, at minimum, serve another 31 years in prison.

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